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The only thing worse than your client not having any environmental insurance protection when they experience a pollution event, is finding out the environmental policy you placed for them will not cover the claim. Environmental policies are unlike any other and present a coverage minefield to the uninitiated. Specialty Wholesale Insurance Solutions (SWIS) Environmental Division has the knowledge and experience to understand your clients’ pollution risk and assure that they receive the correct coverage.

An inaccurate application response, a few additional or missing words hidden in a stack of endorsements, or a single document innocently missing from your submission can easily lead to a claim denial. If you are like most agents who aren’t really experts when it comes to pollution insurance, then you should not be putting your agency at risk of making a mistake that can ruin a customer relationship and trigger a major E&O claim.

Our goal is to deliver our resources and capabilities to the agent and insured in whatever fashion that fits the circumstances. In some cases, agents involve us in direct discussions with clients and/or their professional advisers in order to address questions and develop strategies on individuals’ transactions and insurance programs.

Our core objective is to make certain our agents and brokers enable their clients and prospects to make fully informed business decisions concerning environmental risk and insurance.

Contractors Pollution Liability

The policy covers all types of contractors for claims made against them arising from pollution conditions caused by its operations on and or off the work site. Available on a project-specific basis, including as a wrap-up (OCIP or CCIP).

Contractors Pollution & Professional Liability

Combines Contractors Pollution Liability and Professional Liability coverage in a single policy for general and trade contractors, construction managers, and design-build professionals.

Fixed-Site General Liability & Pollution Liability Package

Combines General Liability and Pollution Liability coverage in a single policy for fixed sites. The program also adds products pollution liability coverage. Follow Form Excess also available. Auto coverage may be available as a supporting line for some risk classes from select markets.

Environmental Contractors and Consultants General Liability, Pollution Liability & Professional Liability Package

Combines General Liability, Pollution and Professional Liability coverages in a single policy. Follow Form Excess is also available. Auto and/or Workers Comp coverage may be available as supporting lines for some risk classes.

Environmental Lender Impairment Liability

Protects lenders of in cases of borrower default and pollution conditions on a mortgaged property.

Site Pollution Legal Liability

Covers cleanup costs, and third-party claims for bodily injury and property damage resulting from pollution conditions on, at, or migrating from an insured property. This form accommodates a widespread group of industries ranging from manufacturers to real estate ownership and management.

Storage Tank Liability

Covers cleanup and third party claims including defense for pollution releases from a covered storage tank system: tailored to meet Federal and State financial assurance requirements.

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